Despite the fact that breast-feeding a child is a process laid down by nature itself, there are also failures. One of them is lactose. This is the name of the stagnation of milk in the breast of a woman breastfeeding. In other words, there is a blockage of the flow, leading to a stagnation of milk and inflammation. Very often women meet with this unpleasant situation at the very beginning of feeding, when milk begins to be produced in large volumes, then it accumulates in narrow currents, leading to inflammation and even mastitis (gnome inflammation of the breast).

Causes of lactose

Lactosestase may appear if a woman:

  • a large, shaving breast, and the child can not completely empty it
  • flat nipples
  • Hyperlactation
  • cracked nipples
  • there are pathologies of the breasts (very narrow ducts)
  • tight underwear
  • Chest injuries
  • there was hypothermia of the chest.

Also, lactose can provoke an undeveloped sucking reflex in the child, improper seizure of the baby's breasts during feeding, long intervals between feedings;

How to detect the presence of lactose

When milk is stagnant, the first symptom is chest pain, which is exacerbated by pressure. Often the place of stagnation is compacted, becomes red and hot, lymph nodes can swell in the armpit on the side where there is a stagnation of milk. Later, the temperature may rise, there may be chills, general weakness. When pressing can come out a small amount of milk yellow with an unpleasant smell, which means that there is inflammation.

How to cope with lactose

Once you have found a stagnant milk, you should act immediately. If you do not remove the stagnation within 24 hours, it can develop into mastitis, the consequences of which are much more serious. Remember that if all of the following methods do not help, then be sure to see a doctor.

Here are a few ways to eliminate lactose:

  • First of all, try to give breasts to the child. It works better than any breast pump. At the same time, the posture should be chosen so that the baby's chin was in the direction of the place of stagnation. For example, if stagnation in the upper part of the chest, then suitable feeding position in the lying position, in which the mother and baby lie jack.
  • If it did not help, then you should try to remove the stagnation with your hands. Find a place of stagnation and easily mash it in circular motions. Next, try to pump milk by leading your fingers from the periphery to the pacifier. It will be quite painful, but it is necessary to do so. Before pumping, you can drink 2 tablets No-spa.
  • Of the folk methods, the most effective is the application of cabbage leaf. Take a leaf of cabbage, wash it, scald with boiling water, make strips with a knife and attach to the chest under the bra. You need to change the sheet every few hours.

The best prevention of lactose is properly organized breastfeeding. Keep in mind that you can't run a problem. Most often, lactose can be dealt with at home.

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