Bumps on the legs

Such an unpleasant problem as bumps or bones on the legs, is exclusively a female nuisance. Men are spared this trouble thanks to the more powerful and habity structure of leg musculature.
The bumps on the legs, in addition to being accompanied by pain, also cause a lot of inconvenience, that significantly worsen the appearance of the foot and prevent the wearing of elegant model shoes. Women who have faced this ailment, and who are used to trusting doctors in everything, rejecting folk treatment prescriptions, unfortunately, often, in the hospital waiting for disappointment.
As a rule, doctors can tell them about the genetic roots of the disease and limit themselves to recommendations to eat less salty, walk more, to avoid osteoarthritis. As a medical means will offer some expensive ointment. If you understand the nature of this phenomenon, it becomes clear that no ointment in this case will not be effective. The only positive effect that ointment can bring is relief of pain. The fact that the bumps on the legs are the usual deposits of salts accumulating in the body, and to hope that they will be destroyed by any ointment, to say the least, naive. Therefore, many women, disillusioned with traditional medicine after unsuccessful attempts to get rid of cones on their feet, eventually have to turn to the recipes of traditional medicine. It is very important to separate the grains from the chaff.
In a variety of sources you can find a lot of recommendations from compressions from the leaves of mother-and-mother or burdock, to the application of iodine seeds. It is worth noting that these recipes, like many others, are not effective in the treatment of cones on the legs, and are more suitable for preventing their occurrence.
One of the most effective recipes is based on the use of bile of pets or birds, which can be purchased at the pharmacy, and it is widely believed that the bile of birds is more effective. Bile should, simply, rub the cones or protruding bones on the legs. Over time, saline deposits will begin to dissolve under the influence of active enzymes contained in bile. To accelerate the therapeutic effect, you can alternate the use of bile using a mixture of five drops of iodine diluted in a teaspoon of vinegar.
The local method, based on fresh fish and picoil oil, is successfully used on Baikal. During the course of treatment should be seven nights in a row to the sick place at night to apply a piece of fish, fixing it with a bandage. In the aftermath, seven times in a row at night, the pich oil is rubbed into the bump.
Using salt baths, you can achieve a reduction in the size of cones and relieve pain. This method is quite simple - in the pelvis half filled with hot water should pour out the amount of salt that is placed in the palm of your hand. Dissolve the salt and wait until the water has taken the body temperature. After that, put your feet in the water for 15 minutes. This procedure should be repeated for 14 days, and then take a week's break. Four courses will be required to get rid of cones.
A radical method that allows you to quickly get rid of cones is a method named after its creator - the Method of Headquarters. However, it is necessary to take into account the significant soreness of such treatment. In the treatment of the Headquarters method should be applied for 2-7 minutes to a cone mixture of, taken in equal proportions, salt and snow. The time of application of the mixture depends on the degree of sensitivity of the skin. After removing the mixture should quickly remove the remnants of moisture from the skin, bandage the sore spot, top over to impose a layer of paper and wrap your foot in a warm handkerchief or put on a warm wool sock, at least - for three hours, and better - for the whole night. This method is quite effective, but if you decide to use it - be prepared for the appearance of a burn cones, perhaps - with the formation of a blister, which should be smeared with buckthorn oil. However, after about a week, it will be possible to observe a significant decrease or complete disappearance of the bump.
This method can be used not only on the legs, but also in other places where there are salt deposits. The Act of the Headquarters method is based on the activation of blood flow and lymph flow in the area of the concone, which achieves rapid destruction of salt deposits and stimulation of restorative processes in tissues. This method is best used when there is a fairly free period, when you do not have to walk too much, because walking using the Method of Headquarters can be quite painful, or - try not to allow the appearance of a strong Burn.
If you are very limited in time - try a less radical version of the method of the Headquarters, it does not give such a quick result, but does not cause a burn of the skin. This option involves the use of ice obtained by freezing a fairly concentrated salt solution. The ice cube is applied to the sore spot and rubbed until the ice melts.
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