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General Information on Viagra

Nowadays, Viagra is both the most well-known and the most effective medication designed for fast and safe minimization of problems with gaining and maintaining erections. Despite its considerable age by the standards of the modern rapidly changing medical industry, it maintains its status as the best medication for men suffering from various types of sexual disorders, including not only physiological problems but also those of psychological origin. This cheap, safe and effective medication is currently available almost in all countries around the globe – and since 2018 it is available for sale in the UK without prescription.

In general, erectile dysfunction is characterized as an inability to perform normal sexual intercourse due to the lack of blood pressure in the penile tissues. This condition may be caused by a wide range of factors, including mechanical traumas of the penis, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, stresses, insomnia, strictly psychological problems – the list includes literally hundreds of factors. However, careful administration of Viagra may provide substantial help, minimize discomfort and allow patients to enjoy all the advantages of active sexual lifestyle even in case of severe ED.

The unfailing popularity of this medication has many roots; for instance, patients suffering from ED do not necessarily need the therapist’s prescription before purchasing it online. The medication is generally safe when administered according to the provided instructions and may be used by males of various age groups. It is also compatible with a great variety of other common medications, including mild painkillers, antiallergic products, and vitamins. However, despite the fact that in most cases men are free to buy and use Viagra without prescription, please make sure that you have visited your doctor before starting regular treatment.

Things You Should Know About Viagra

In fact, Viagra is not only the pioneering drug aimed at the treatment of ED, but it is also rightfully considered an originator of all modern generic medications used to cure ED. Almost all existing and popular anti-ED drugs contain the same active ingredient (sildenafil citrate) that is also the main active substance in the composition of Viagra.

Existing generics differ only in the mode of action and the number of accessory substances added to the original drug formulae. Naturally, some of the generic drugs available on the market also lack certificates of necessary clinical trials – this fact explains both their lower price and lower level of credibility among experienced medical practitioners.

Unfortunately, most drugs aimed at the treatment of problems in the sexual sphere often become objects of popular misbeliefs; a series of recently conducted sociological studies show that a surprisingly great number of men share some of these popular myths. Hence, here are the main things you should know about Viagra before using it:

  • Viagra does not cause addiction – the therapy with the drug may be discontinued at virtually any stage of the treatment without noticeable physiological symptoms;
  • Viagra should not be considered an aphrodisiac agent – despite the fact that it helps to maintain erections it does not cause a rush of blood to the penis in the absence of the direct erotic stimulation;
  • The drug may not be mixed with alcohol in order to avoid possible negative outcomes;
  • The medication provides a gender-specific action – the clinical trials demonstrate that the medication cannot be used to treat frigidity in women;
  • Although Viagra is commonly used by males within the group of 35-75 years, a number of recent clinical studies provided in North America and Ireland demonstrate that the lower limit of this group is gradually decreasing with at least 20% of males 18-25 years old using Viagra on a time basis;
  • Prolonged treatment with Viagra does not cause drug tolerance – the medication maintains its effect regardless of the duration of treatment.

Mechanism of Action

The medication contains Sildenafil citrate – a powerful substance responsible for the release of molecules of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (shortened to cGMP) in the penile tissue after the sexual stimulations. Because of this process, the patients experience naturally occurring erection and are able to maintain erections throughout sexual intercourse. Since the mode of action provided by its active ingredient is aimed specifically at the molecular mechanisms responsible for erectile response, the drug is also effectively used in males suffering from sexual impotence developed because of psychological conditions.

General Contraindications

Please contact your physician before taking Viagra. Your physician should be aware of your previous medical conditions especially those related to the weak cardiovascular system and various heart issues. Please eschew using the drug if you have been a victim of a stroke during at least six months before the planned start of the therapy with drugs containing sildenafil.

IMPORTANT! Avoid taking Viagra if you are currently taking medications containing nitrates or have been taking such medications during the last year! Viagra taken with nitrates may cause life-threatening conditions! Please inform your physician about all the drugs you are using before starting the treatment with any generic drug containing Sildenafil.

Avoid mixing the medication with alcohol.


Classic Viagra is available in two dosages containing 100 mg and 50 m of the active substance. Although the medication is unlikely to cause any noticeable adverse reaction if taken as prescribed, the use of higher doses does not necessarily provide a better effect. Contact your healthcare provider in order to correct the initial dosage and create an individual dosing schedule in order to calibrate the provided beneficial effect.

Viagra starts acting 25-30 minutes after oral administration. In some cases, particularly in elder men, the effect may be provided one hour after administration.

Side Effects

Severe adverse reactions are rare. If observed, side effects are usually generally harmless and include nausea, head pain, blurriness, etc. However, rarely observed side effects include priapism, low blood pressure, and increased intraocular pressure. In case of any serious adverse reaction, you should immediately seek qualified medical help.

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